High Protein – get skinny and get baby? Yes please!

5 responses to High Protein – get skinny and get baby? Yes please!


    Pfft, barbecue. 🙂 I have to do a high-protein (and low sugar) diet because of bariatric surgery back in 2006, but I’m vegetarian… so I do high-protein drinks and snacks. It’s not hard to be high protein and still eat good vegetables. Promise. 🙂 My favorite protein powder is Plant Fusion… I try to have it mixed with some good veggies and fruit every day. Figure the wee fetus would benefit from all of that. Protein powder, coconut milk (or soy milk, or dairy milk, whatever), and then blend in some shredded carrots or kale or blueberries or bananas… easy and tasty. Voila.


      This is awesome to know thanks so much for the tip! I’m a vegetarian too so I’m overdosing on greek yogurt but seriously need some alternatives. I’m going to look for the Plant Fusion – do you just sprinkle it over your veggies or put in smoothies? I’m doing whey protein right now.


    I have been told higher protein diets during pregnancy will help avoid the swelling towards the end.


    Thanks for sharing! I’ve heard this before and been trying to eat more protein (i.e. Greek yoghurt) but I didn’t know how much evidence there actually was, so it’s good to know I’m on the right path. 🙂

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